• Utility Bill Analysis and Benchmarking

    Utility Bill Analysis and Benchmarking

    • Rate Structure Analysis
    • Comparison to Similar Buildings
    • Cost per Square Foot
    • ENERGY STAR Score

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  • Investment Grade Energy Audits

    Investment Grade Energy Audits

    • Developing and Executing Audit Plans
    • Energy and Water Auditing Services
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Quantified Recommendations for Improvement

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  • Measurement and Verification

    Measurement and Verification

    • Metering Services
    • Performance Analysis
    • Quantified Savings

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  • Energy Master Planning

    Energy Master Planning

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Program Planning and Evaluations
    • Capital Planning
    • Certification Assistance
  • Utility Bill Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Investment Grade Energy Audits
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Energy Master Planning

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Avion’s Energy Solutions is a division of Avion Solutions Inc., a national engineering, logistics, software engineering, and test & evaluation small business. Our engineering background allows us to provide our customers with the strategy and assistance to cost effectively lower operating costs at their facilities through energy efficiency.

We accomplish this through an unbiased, four pronged service approach. 

  1. Benchmarking and utility billing analysis to help you determine the size of the opportunity for cost savings with energy efficiency.
  2. Investment grade energy auditing to pinpoint exactly where the energy waste is located and how much cost savings can be achieved.
  3. Measurement and verification to prove energy and cost savings occured as expected, enabling you to quantify and realize your return on investment.
  4. Master planning to assist with your organization's long term goals for energy efficient growth.

Our experience excitement about energy efficiency was started by Randy Buckner, our Director of Research and Development and a Certified Energy Manager, translates to immediate and future savings.

As a services company, we are product agnostic and search for the best products to bring you the best return on investment. We firmly believe that energy efficiency is one of the most cost effective resources for any organization and we are eager to help you tap into this abundant resource.

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