Utility Bill Analysis and Benchmarking

What energy efficiency can do for you.

The first step in the journey toward a high performing building or campus is to determine exactly what opportunity you have. In other words, is there enough financial gain on the table to make it worth your while.

benchmarkingWe start by analyzing your utility bill data to examine your energy consumption, discover trends, and determine where you can maximize your savings. Avion Energy Solutions also compares your utility rate structure with your usage patterns to determine if you are on the correct billing plan.

Second, we will visit your facility and benchmark it. What is benchmarking? In short, benchmarking measures how much energy a building (or campus) consumes, and compares you to similar buildings across the country. We use a system from the Department of Energy called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. It’s a simple way for building owners to see how they stack up. Your utility bill may feel like a lot every single month, but is it really? You can only know once you benchmark.

Your benchmarking results will determine whether and how you should proceed. For instance, a building in the bottom 5% of similar buildings will be treated differently than a building at the national median. At this stage, we will be able to tell you the rough financial opportunity. For example, are there thousands of dollars in savings available, or tens of the thousands?

Lastly, your benchmark will help determine which systems in the building deserve the most attention.

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