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What would your company do with 20% of your utility bill in your back pocket?

First, your facility or portfolio needs to be benchmarked. It's free to get started. 

Sample ENERGY STAR Progress Goals Report

Here’s how it works:

  1. You provide with at least one year's worth of utility bill history, more if it is available.
  2. We send out someone to your property to collect additional use data.
  3. We input those data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  4. We provide you with the results.

What results?

  • Your total annual spend on energy and water
  • Your operational cost per square foot
  • A comparison of your costs to your peers across the country
  • Energy efficiency savings potential on-site

Show me an example...

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At Avion, our resident Certified Energy Managers reduced our annual energy spending by 41% from $73,000 per year to $43,000. When we started, we thought $73,000 per year was just normal spend for utilities. Little did we know that it was actually in the worst 2% of all similar buildings in the country.

We knew we could get to the national median without any significant capital expenditures, so that's exactly what we did! 

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