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Avion Sponsors Switch Blade Competition


Avion Solutions, Inc. is proud to sponsor Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy's Switch Blade Competition this March. Their Switch Blade Competition is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education effort to engage the next generation in the challenge of making Alabama powered by 100% clean energy. If you are interested in having a team or for more information regarding this event, please visit: Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy's Website.






Friday, 22 May 2015 00:00

Avion Wins BPA Logistics Award

Huntsville, AL May 21, 2015 – One of Huntsville’s fastest growing engineering and material solutions specialists for U.S. military operations, Avion Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (AMCOM EXPRESS) Re-Greening contract for Logistics. Providing for Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Fixed Price, Time and Materials (T&M), the contract awarded to Avion In May is a group of multiple award Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) established within the "evergreen" aspects of the General Services Administration (GSA) schedules program. Avion’s EXPRESS Logistics Team incorporates dynamic logistics teaming arrangements and subcontracting for professional and highly technical advisory and assistance services to Team Redstone.

Expectations include conceptual design services; equipment, logistics, and technical support; continuous acquisition and life cycle support; maintenance planning and support; device training; and a mixture of computer, manpower, supply, and facilities support.

According to the company’s vice president and COO Evan Wagner, “This contract is a major milestone for Avion, building upon our many years of support to Army Aviation. This successful award is due to the exceptional service Avion personnel currently provide to our U.S. Army customers,” he says. “As a small business prime, Avion, along with our industry partners, is positioned to provide logistics support to organizations across the Team Redstone Enterprise.”

“This is a great strategic win culminating many years of successful support to Army Aviation,” says Steve Cope, Director of Business Development. “Our employees pride themselves in extraordinary support to our customers, especially the soldier, and we look forward to many future opportunities.”

About Avion Solution’s, Inc.
Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, Avion Solutions has been providing a broad range of quality specialized engineering, software development, logistics, and technical services to the U.S. Army Aviation community for over 23 years.
Avion Solutions, Inc. is an Employee-Owned Small Business that supports the U.S. military and provides rewarding careers for innovative technical professionals including engineers, ex-military aviation experts, logisticians, analysts, and computer systems professionals; and provides technical expertise to support Army rotorcraft weapons systems, Fixed Wing, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and associated subsystems.

For more information about Avion Solutions winning of the AMCOM EXPRESS IDIQ contract, Contact Us below.

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Over $4,000 Raised for Heart Walk!

Community Involvement is an important aspect to Avion’s mission, and we discuss why in our blog post from October.  In March, Avion Solutions sponsored and participated in The American Heart Association’s local annual Heart Walk. The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization working to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, the nation's No.1 and No.4 killers, claim more than 813,804 American lives a year.

The American Heart Association’s local annual Heart Walk took place on Saturday, March 14th, 2015 at Bridge Street Town Centre. Avion Solutions was able to raise $4,155! for the event.  Following tradition, we had two teams:  Operations and Corporate.  The Operations Team was triumphant again this year, but just barely, defeating the Corporate Team by a mere $65 dollar margin. During the fundraising phase, the teams held a Valentine’s Day raffle that included dinner, a movie, and a night at the Westin. It was a huge success and the teams raised over $600 dollars from the raffle! Employees and family gathered the morning of the walk and took part in a three mile walk around Bridge Street Towne Centre. After the walk, employees enjoyed refreshments and activities provided by the event sponsor. These teams will continue to go head to head each year to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association and we are proud to support this cause again in the future.

Thanks to all our walkers, donors and volunteers who have accepted the challenge to help fight heart disease and stroke. We cannot achieve our mission without each one of you!

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Avion Announces New Partnership

Partnership Results In More Efficient Operation For Law Enforcement

Avion Solutions and End2End integrate programs to provide critical security solution in jails, prisons.

Avion Solutions, Inc. and End2End partnered to integrate their individual law enforcement software solutions - INTACT and ARMS, respectively - to track an offense from the moment 911 operators receive a call all the way through dispatch, arrest, and booking, complete to release.  This smooth transition reduces opportunity for human error during information input by eliminating the need for repeatedly inputting the same information into different systems as the offender transitions through phases and departments of law enforcement.  


Utilizing the latest model solutions, ARMS customers can use tablets, laptops, and even smart phones to gather data and manage their information.

“Public Safety is no longer a single-vendor solution as it once was.  Each vendor brings a core competency that the end users benefit from,” stated Michael Bryant, President of End2End.  “Partnering with Avion will allow us together to build enterprise solutions for our customers, utilizing the collaborative strength of both systems.”  

“Positive identification is a critical component of tracking jail inmates.  By integrating Hitachi’s VeinID technology, log-in to sensitive computer systems is expedited, positive identification of inmates is made to prevent moving or releasing the wrong inmate, and the control mechanism to positively screen visitors, vendors, and inmates is enhanced.  Partnering with End2End, we complete the enterprise solution and ensure total accountability of the process from start to finish,” said Steve Cope, Avion’s Corporate Director of Business Development.

Avion’s INTACT (Inmate Tracking and Control Technology) was developed to meet a need in Jail Management to guarantee positive identification of inmates and visitors, as well as others with access to jails by utilizing Hitachi’s finger vein reader, which is 99.9% accurate at positively identifying on both a 1:1 or 1:many database.  This prevents inadvertent early release of prisoners due to inmate identify theft and is more reliable than most fingerprint readers, which are prone to failure in demographics where people may have intentionally damaged their fingertips in an effort to avoid identification.  Because INTACT utilizes a vein reader, identification is much more difficult to evade, as one’s veins are protected internally and nearly impossible to damage.  In addition to positive identification, INTACT also boasts an “At-A-Glance” dashboard to provide a clear view of any upcoming, current, or overdue tasks, as well as a review of activity within the facility.  

About Avion Solutions

Avion Solutions, Inc. - Formed in January 1992. Avion is an Employee-Owned Small Business providing high quality Specialized Engineering, Logistics, Software Development & Technical Services with corporate headquarters located in Huntsville, AL. We provide innovative solutions for technical and operational problems through the application of systems engineering, research, analysis, computer and software engineering technology.  Avion is privately held and has an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) owning 49%, promoting long-term corporate ownership continuity and commitment to the Company.  Avion began its company history with Army Aviation by performing as the lead technical entity for Critical Safety Item/New Source Testing (CSI/NST). The Corporate history of engineering, logistics, and software development of systems used for aviation asset tracking led Avion to develop its jail management software.

About End2End Software

End2End Public Safety Solutions offers ARMS, which is a complete records management solution designed for public safety departments.  Boasting a fast and user friendly interface, ARMS seamlessly integrates Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Report Writing, Parking, and more into one central application.  ARMS continues to stay on the cutting edge of Information Management.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014 00:00

Avion in the news!

Avion teams with Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy, University of Alabama in Huntsville and U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center for statewide collegiate wind turbine competition in Huntsville. Read the article here.

How efficiently do you use energy?  We all know the rules our dad hammered into us, “Close the door; I’m not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!” “Don’t mess with the thermostat; go put on a sweater if you’re cold!” “If you’re done in your room, turn off your light!”

While his goal was frugally focused (because money doesn’t grow on trees, you know), his rules still hold true if your concern is environmentally focused – the millennials aren’t going to allow anyone to be wasteful.  In addition to these household rules, energy efficiency has improved in building sciences with new developments in building sustainability over the last several decades, such as programmable thermostats and foam and blown insulation rather than fiberglass batt.  However, the average understanding of energy efficiency ends there.  You stay comfortable and keep your bill “manageable” or “reasonable” and leave it at that.  For an average home, that’s fine – it’s difficult to justify a major renovation to reduce a $100-$300 monthly energy bill. 

However, with commercial buildings, you may have no idea how your efficiency compares to others.  You manage your thermostat and may have sensors and timers on lights…but what does that amount to?  If your energy bill is now in the four digits rather than the three digits, there may be more significant justification for improvement. 

At Avion, we had more than enough justification for improvement.  An active member of the Energy Huntsville Initiative, our Director of Research and Development, Randy Buckner, discovered that our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit (HVAC) was running full blast all day, every day, all year, cooling even when temperatures were below freezing…then reheating the air it was working to cool.  As any engineer would do, he began to ask questions and research why the system was operating this way.  Through this research, he discovered Portfolio Manager, a no-cost tool available from the Department of Energy developed to help create awareness of a property’s efficiency.  Portfolio Manager utilizes property and meter data to provide a user with their Energy Use Intensity (EUI), or energy per square foot per year, and compare the EUI to similar buildings in similar categories to create the building’s Energy Star™ rating.  With this tool, Randy discovered that Avion’s EnergyStar™ score was an astounding 2.  Out of 100.  To say we had “room for improvement” would be a gross understatement.  By discovering, researching, and amending our HVAC issues, we have improved to a respectable 56 (average), and Avion was awarded the Nexus Energy Center Small Business Champion of Energy Award this fall as a result of Randy’s efforts.  Additionally, he was a moderator and panelist at the recent Geo-Energy Summit.

Along with partners Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy  and the Energy Huntsville Initiative, our efforts are leading the Huntsville Better Building Challenge as a community partner.  The Challenge is designed to help Huntsville’s business community become more aware of how much their energy consumption COULD or SHOULD be and how their current consumption compares.  Are you interested in participating? We are eager to establish your building’s baseline. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as “no strings attached”, so we won’t lie to you.  We would love to do a no-cost assessment of your commercial building, and what we ask in return is that you allow us access to your energy data and general building information to help us baseline your building into the EnergyStar™ Portfolio Manager and understand our community climate better.

Fill out the contact form below for more information.

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Avion Taking Action: Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

At Avion, we strive to go above and beyond in all areas – customer satisfaction, employee engagement and enjoyment, and community involvement.  While the goal behind customer satisfaction is quite straightforward from any perspective, the other two have more of a ripple effect towards success.  As mentioned in our OASIS announcement and on our careers page, we believe that employee engagement and enjoyment is the only effective way to create customer satisfaction, much like the adage, “Happy wife, happy life!”  When we ensure our employees’ happiness and success, we have found they are driven to ensure the company’s success.  (Plus, who wants to spend 40 hours a week somewhere they don’t enjoy?!)

So why spend our hard-earned profits in the community?  We believe it is important to support each other, and we show that both internally and externally.  Internally, we work as a community within Avion by organizing work days after a home has been hit by a natural disaster, reallocating leave hours during sequestration and furlough, and are supportive during times of pain by sending well wishes and flowers.  Externally, we stay involved in the community.  Our employees are involved in multiple community organizations, and we participate as a company in several fundraisers each year.

Currently, we are supporting the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run being held on October 18 at Huntsville Middle School, 817 Adams Street.  The Liz Hurley Ribbon Run website ( states, “In 1999, the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund at Huntsville Hospital Foundation was established for the purpose of creating awareness about breast cancer, purchasing equipment for breast cancer diagnosis, and providing continuing education for the breast cancer staff.”  The foundation was started after local news anchor Liz Hurley was diagnosed with breast cancer and has raised more than $3 million.

This year will be Avion’s fourth year supporting the run, and we encourage employees and family members alike to participate by donating, registering to run/walk, or simply cheering along the route.  Please visit Avion’s team website to donate or find more information about the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.  We look forward to seeing you on October 18!

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