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  • Illegal UAS Operations can be ‑fined up to $10,000 by the FAA and lose their 333 Exemption opportunity
  • Hobbyists may not offer UAS captured data/imagery for compensation
  • Commercial UAS Flight is against the law without FAA approval
  • Commercial UAS Flight requires an FAA Pilot’s certicate
  • Commercial UAS must be registered with the FAA
  • Aerial Imagery provider should be insured
  • Trust Avion’s team of licensed UAS operators to collect the aerial imagery and video you need. We can safely and efficiently conduct your asset and infrastructure inspections, create detailed orthomosaics, capture your special event or project, or provide your unit with disaster assistance and situational awareness.

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  • Learn to operate a remotely piloted aircraft legally and safely with Avion Unmanned UAS training. Earn your UAV Pilot Training Certificate with comprehensive ground school instruction, UAS flight simulator training, and mission oriented flight training for you or your agency. UAS Basics seminars, UAV workshops, Train the Trainer, and complete training support package development available. We can create tailored UAV training for your company.

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  • Avion Unmanned Solutions has decades of aviation experience that will help your UAS program “take flight.” Leverage our expertise in military and civilian aviation applications to develop your UAS standard operating procedures, flight operations, drone checklists, and UAV training and maintenance manuals.

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    Avion is an FAA-approved commercial UAS operator, authorized to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.
    Click here for Section 333 Exemption.