Software Engineering

Avion Solutions Inc. has engineered custom software solutions that provide mission-critical information for our customers. These solutions include enterprise-level systems that manage people and assets using automatic identification technologies, as well as systems that provide secure computing environments for personal identification using advanced biometric technology and smart cards.

Many of our systems contain components that run on diverse operating platforms, including Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, and Blackberry. Many of these systems directly interface with external components creating synergies and expanding capabilities. This integration gives our customers advantages over systems that operate in an isolated environment.

Avion uses a full software development life cycle (SDLC) approach. This ensures that our software solutions meet the quality and functionality requirements of our customers and that they are delivered at a very attractive cost of ownership.

Fleet Management

Avion Solutions has developed various applications with telemetric equipment for managing municipal and commercial fleets. These systems produce robust Key Performance Indicators which enable the development of reports for assessing fleet management costs and identifying efficiencies. The development of these analytical tools can be customized to match the needs of the fleet operation. Key Performance Indicators are quickly becoming the gold standard in the country's 100 Best Fleets and are based on research work completed at many municipalities and commercial operations.

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