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Our Automated Information Technology (AIT) team has developed three military asset management solutions. Each of these inventory management systems is web based with varied permission levels associated with each role so users will have limited access and capabilities based on their assignments.  Targeted for separate purposes (tool rooms, arms rooms, and aviation life support equipment tracking), these digital asset management systems all have the capability to utilize IUID marks, 2D distinct marks, and TRMS can also utilize linear barcodes to keep full user accountability.

Tool Room Management System (TRMS)

Tool Room Management System (TRMS) is software developed for the U.S. Army initially for aviation tool accountability but is not limited to the tracking of tools. Expensive, specialized tools can become a hazard to flight if not properly accounted for and available when needed. TRMS is a comprehensive system which tracks accountability, schedules calibration, allows visibility into usage, automates inventories, and reports on a variety of metrics.  

TRMS holds a Certificate of Net-worthiness valid through March 2016, which allows it to operate on a DOD network or function as a stand-alone program. The software has several key features including calibration forecasting, customized reporting, system generated 2062, 3161 and 1348 forms, simple inventory processing, tracking of consumable items, tracks petroleum and other lubricants, and manages minimum stock levels for items that require replenishment and interfaces with Fed Log. The system uses either tethered or wireless scanners and has a deployment capability along with transfer tools to assist units with movement of items while maintaining continuous visibility.


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Arms Room Management System (ARMS)

Arms Room Management System (ARMS) is software developed for the U. S. Army to provide instantaneous visibility of a weapon or other sensitive item's location, either signed out of the Arms Room or within the unit facility. The software is web based and currently possesses a Certificate of Net-worthiness dated March 2013. The software utilizes either IUID marks or a 2D data matrix applied to the item for automated inventory, issue and receipt procedures in accordance with current DA PAM's and regulations.

The system is role and permission based so users will have limited access and capabilities based on their assignments. Roles currently available are System Admin, Admin, Commander, Armorer, Weaponsmith, and Inventory Officer. The software can reside on a network for an unlimited number of individual armories or work as a stand-alone system in a disconnected or deployed environment. Features include audible and visible inventory, remote access and visibility, customized reports, assignments and qualifications, standard 2062 or 3161 forms and interfaces with Fed Log for updates. The system can use a tethered or wireless scanner to complete the transaction. ARMS also has an Air Force version incorporating the AF 1297 in lieu of the Army hand receipt forms.


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Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE)

Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) System is software developed for the U.S. Army, primarily for tracking aviation flight gear issued to crewmembers, aircraft survival kits, and other aircraft essential equipment (hot weather kits, cold weather kits, over water kits, etc.). The ALSE software system has streamlined the issue, receipt, and inspection process by automating the records and marking equipment to capitalize on the AIT handheld devices. Items are marked with either an IUID or 2D data matrix which is then scanned into the system for later issue and accountability.

Inspection dates are set and entered to allow for automated notification of impending inspections as well as email notifications to end users. The ALSE system has a current Certificate of Net-worthiness that allows the software to reside on a DOD network or operate as a stand-alone system. ALSE software system interfaces with Fed Log and SARSS for ordering and updating item information.


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