B SAFE Security Suite

fingerSM Avion’s cutting edge biometric software, B SAFE (Biometric Scanning Accountability Function Enhancements)  Security Suite, consists of three revolutionary finger vein recognition solutions: BIT, VVISIT, and Safe BADJ. Using Hitachi Finger Vein Readers, our products positively identify users and visitors with images of finger  vein patterns found beneath the skin’s surface. Finger vein recognition provides 99.9% accuracy, and because the veins are protected from sight and minor damage (unlike fingerprints), their patterns cannot be easily reproduced.

How does a finger vein reader work?

LED lights on top of the reader transmit near infrared light that passes through the finger, illuminating the hemoglobin in the user’s vein, and a camera on the bottom captures the glowing pattern of the veins. This pattern is then encrypted for safety and sent to the biometric server for authentication.

Why should I use a finger vein reader?

•    99.9% positive identification (compared to 95% with fingerprints)Figer Vein Scanner
•    Reduced opportunity for human error
•    Veins are unaffected by minor incidents (paper cuts, blisters)
•    Reduced paper trails

Biometric Identification Tool (BIT)

Designed to integrate the finger vein reader with existing or newly developed automated information systems, BIT is the most versatile solution in B SAFE Security Suite.  BIT is a Software Development Kit that provides high-performance security via advanced biometric identification and can be easily integrated into any information system that requires reliable positive identification of individuals. Day care centers, medical facilities, and nursing homes are examples of business entities that might require positive identification of individuals. Integrating BIT at these facilities will assist with identifying children or patients who may not be able to communicate their own crucial information to caregivers and increase security by ensuring only approved friends and family members are allowed access.

Vein Visitor Integrated Software Identification Technology (VVISIT) 

VVISIT console

VVISIT is Avion’s electronic visitor log enhanced with biometric technology, ideal for anyone needing to monitor who enters their facility. With the use of a finger vein reader and Windows tablet, visitors can enroll biometrics upon arrival, and after signing in, an email will be sent to the individual they are visiting. Administrators have the ability to sort through visitor history in a timelier manner than flipping through paper logbooks. The full notification software keeps precise time logs of visitors coming and going, and the computerized biometric log prevents falsification of entries to make theft more difficult. Additionally, VVISIT can also create reports filtered by visitor, host, date, or time.

Biometric Access in Designated Jurisdictions (SAFE BADJ)

Avion developed Safe BADJ as a physical access control system. Safe BADJ can complement or completely replace badge swipes for restricted access to physical locations. Customizable permissions allow greater diversification of permissions of entry based on time, day, location, or an administrator can set a limit on the frequency of visits to a certain area. The system also keeps a detailed log of who accessed each door and when. With both wired and wireless capabilities, BADJ is adaptable to your requirements, and boasts on-door memory that protects the system from downed servers. If the main server goes down, all BADJ records will be saved to each door, providing uninterrupted access with all enrolled individuals prior to the server complication.

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Note: Avion takes the privacy of its customers and technology users seriously, and we work diligently to protect the data we store. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our technologies.

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