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Ensure someone knows when you should arrive and where with the Boat Logbook and Float Plan developed by Avion Solutions. A free download allows you to set up your anticipated arrival time and location; with an upgrade, match it with an emergency contact. If your arrival time comes and goes without your successful arrival, the Float Plan will automatically notify your emergency contact that you did not check-in, while also providing information of your last known check-in. The upgrade also offers a maintenance log and reminders to assist you with the care of your boat, ensuring your boat is always the peaceful, safe haven you imagined when you started your journey as a boat owner.

BoatLogBook™ is a boat management software system. BoatLogBook™ (BLB™) addresses routine boating activities. These include boat use, boat servicing, upkeep and maintenance, storage, insurance, registration and dealer/vendor/financial personnel and corporate contacts.

Basic boat and boat related data are entered once into the database. These data are immediately available for reuse as needed. For example, a full boat description is recalled each time a Float Plan is defined. After initial data entry, the only new data required to define a Float Plan are date(s) and times, crew and passengers qualifications and identification, and, perhaps, new waypoint definitions must be added to the defined waypoint list. Each defined Float Plan can be printed or e-mailed in document format, to appropriate contacts.

Boat assets of interest, i.e. engine(s), generator(s), wiring harnesses(s), electronic equipment(s), etc. can be identified and entered into the BLB™ database. Once entered, each asset maintenance and upkeep schedule can be defined and its use history auto-monitored. The level to which asset management is incorporated into BLB™ is determined by the boat owner/operator. Fleet management of several boats is readily accommodated.

BoatLogBook™ database is maintained by Avion Solutions as a web-based system. Each BLB™ subscriber account is password protected. Mobile devices can readily access the individual subscriber data base, so that mobile devices can be used with BLB™ when appropriate, i.e. Float Plan definition and close out, service action record, etc.

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