Energy Solutions

Energy Use GraphAvion’s Energy Solutions provides our customers lower operating costs at their facilities through reasonable measures of energy efficiency. We accomplish this through an unbiased, four pronged service approach. The foundation includes benchmarking, billing analysis, and energy auditing services to help you determine how efficiently your commercial building is running when compared to similar buildings. Using this data, we will work with you to create an action plan based on what fits your needs and budget to include measurement and verification processes, ultimately enabling you to quantify and realize your return on investment.

Our experience with, excitement for, and education about energy efficiency – led by a Certified Energy Manager – translates to immediate and future savings. We are not interested in using our services to sell you high-priced products; our interest stems from our own desire to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible and an eagerness to encourage that responsibility throughout the Huntsville commercial community.

Avion’s Four Pronged Service Approach

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1. Billing Analysis and Benchmarking

image introAvion Energy Solutions compliles utility bill datat into simple graphs used to examine your energy consumption, discover trends, amd determine where you can maximize your cosst savings. AES will then visit your facility to benchmark your Energy Use Intensity (EUI), or energy per square foot per year, and show you how this compares to similar building types. Additionally, AES uses this information to identify where more detailed audits are required.

2. Investment Grade Energy Audits

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After providing your Billing Analysis and Benchmark, AES will identify where more detailed, investment grade audits are required and will assist you in ranking and indentifying the greatest opportunites for savings.

3. Action Plan

image introBased on your priorities and the results of the investment grade audits, AES builds a strategy of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) designed to reap the greatest savings while keeping financing costs below deemed savings to ensure the bundled ECMs pay for themselves.

4. Measurement & Verification

image introAvion’s passion is rooted in cost savings, therefore AES will define Measurement and Verification metrics specifically suited for your energy efficiency projects, allowing you to see your verified energy reductions while ensuring you meet Interal Rate of Return and Return on Investment goals. This process can also be continuous operational efficiences and additional energy savings.

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