Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Supported by funding from a Small Business Innovative Research contract, Avion teamed with SONATS, a French-based technology company, to adapt ultrasonic technology to create a revolutionary shot peening technology. Shot Peening is a surface enhancement for metallic components that significantly increases their service life. Instead of using air to excite the media, Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) excites the media ultrasonically at a frequency of 20 kHz.

With conventional shot peening, disassembly is often required, and sometimes larger parts cannot fit into the facility where the equipment is located, making it impossible to treat their surfaces. However, USP is a mobile solution which does not require disassembly and can be moved to treat equipment wherever it is located.

The cost of repairs vary significantly both in conventional shot peening and Avion’s Ultrasonic Shot Peening (based on what is being repaired), but our costs are significantly lower than conventional peening. The major cost benefit comes from the diminished turnaround time and the fact that we can repair parts that cannot otherwise be repaired.

A blade can cost well over $200,000 and they are often scrapped when damaged. The unique size and shape of the part causes them to be too large to fit into a conventional peening booth, or requires masking the entire blade (longer than 20 ft.) with the exception of a few square inches. Masking is a time consuming process, keeping the aircraft grounded and demanding many man hours to accomplish. By creating custom end effectors for individualized repairs, Avion exposes only the intended peening area, virtually eliminating the need for masking, improving turnaround time and decreasing labor hours.

Many potential customers currently go through the timely and costly process to ship their parts to approved vendors, while Avion’s portable solution allows the part to be repaired onsite.

A Summary of Benefits:

  • Large ROI due to the lower cost of repairs on high priced parts which were previously scrapped
  • Shorter turnaround time as a result of little or no masking combined with a simpler set up and the elimination of the need to ship parts to the original manufacturer
  • Small localized access with custom end effectors that mate directly to the part, exposing only the surface to be peened
  • Smoother surfaces due to the omnidirectional impact on the part with high quality media, resulting in a stronger compressive stress
  • Reduction of repair parts previously scrapped due to the high cost and difficulty of repair

Rotary and Fixed Wing Applications for Ultrasonic Shot Peening

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